Ice Fishing Bass

Most anglers will tell you that their favorite fish to catch in the summer is the largemouth bass. This fish is also available to grab in the winter months.

The Largemouth Bass is an olive green fish with dark stripes running from mouth to tail. It is the largest member of the bass family with the record holder weighing in at just over 25 pounds and almost 30 inches long.

The largemouth bass eats a wide variety of foods. Some of its main diet includes small bait fish, small shrimp, and insects. Adult bass consume smaller fish like the bluegill. They have also been know to eat snails, crayfish, snakes, frogs, bats, salamanders, small water birds, mammals, and even baby alligators.

The Largemouth Bass will try to eat anything that it considers to be alive. Use this knowledge while fishing to choose the right lure or bait. You are going to want to use a jig, or a crank bait or a spinner bait. If you are going to use a live bait then minnows, frogs, worms or crayfish are your best bet.
The largemouth is easiest to catch during to cold of winter so get out on the ice and catch as many of these wonderful fish as you can.

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