Ice Fishing Equipment

There are a few key pieces of ice fishing equipment that you are going to need before you set out on your ice fishing expedition.

First, you will need an ice saw or an auger to cut through the ice. Sometimes power augers are used to drill through thicker ice. You will also want to bring a strainer to remove the ice that forms in the hole that you cut.

There are three types of ice fishing so be sure to select the right equipment.
– The first kind is done with small light rods that look like normal rods except much smaller. These rods use brightly colored lures or jigs with bait such as waxworms, fat heads or crappie minnows.
– The second kind are tip-ups, which have a line that is attached to a flag that tips up when a strike occurs The line is dragged in by hand with no reel. This allows unattended or less intensive fishing.
– The third kind of ice fishing is spear fishing. You will have to cut a much larger hole in the ice to be able to see the fish that you want to spear. When a fish is spotted the fisherman throws the spear that is attached to a line and the fish is dragged out of the water. This method is often used to catch lake sturgeon.
The use of a flasher is becoming more popular with modern ice fishermen. A flasher is similar to a fish finder and uses sonar to provide depth information, as well as finding the location of fish and other objects. Underwater cameras are also available to allow the user to view the fish and watch how they react to different lures.

Here is a list of all of the equipment that you will need to make any ice fishing trip a great one.

  • Fishing rods with a sensitive tip and some strength
  • Reels Micro spinning reel
  • 4-8 lb test line
  • crappie minnows, worms, bait
  • Fishing License
  • Something to cut the line
  • Ice scoop
  • Identification
  • Compass
  • Ice fishing bobbers
  • A large bucket (to sit on)
  • Something to keep your hands warm
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Jigs, spoons and hooks
  • Sled or vehicle for equipment, if the ice is thick enough
  • Ice auger
  • Mouth spreader
  • Hook sharpener
  • Small shovel
  • Bait bucket
  • Ice picks
  • Fish Finder
  • Ice Fishing hut or shelter
  • Some kind of space heater
  • Cleats for easy ice walking
  • Flashlight
  • Lantern
  • Camera for proof of that once in a lifetime catch
  • Lighter or matches
  • Something to check ice thickness
  • Freeze free Tip-ups
  • tip-up leaders
  • Quickstrike rigs for tip-ups
  • tip-up Bait
  • Cell-phone
  • GPS
  • Underwater camera
  • Ice Fishing House
  • Two-way radios to talk to your buddies
  • Strike sensors
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels

There is a lot of ice fishing equipment on this list and it would be extremely heavy to haul it all around, so you may want to pick and choose the equipment that you want to bring. Always bring warm clothes, and if you are heading out alone, be sure to tell some one exactly where you are going just in case you need to be rescued.