Ice Fishing House Plans

Ice fishing house plans are a set of plans that will help you to make your very own ice fishing house.
They can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.
For as little as $50 anyone from a master craftsman to an amateur do it yourself’er can build and construct their own shelter and stay nice and warm on their favorite frozen lake.
The simplest of shelters is just a square box with holes in the floor to fish through. For this you are going to need just nails, a hammer, two by fours, and some plywood. I would also recommend some kind of insulation, such as that two inch thick hard foam.
There are also designs for an ice fishing shack that your make even the snobbiest of well to do snobs happy. There are pictures of a world class ice hut that includes televisions, stoves and any other luxury that you could think of.

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