Ice Fishing Shelters

Ice fishers use many techniques to protect themselves from the elements. Some use small shacks with just a space heater and a bit of room to move around while the elite few can use small cottages that are dragged onto the ice and provide comfort and all amenities while going on multi day fishing trips. The basic form of protection is just bundling up with heavy coats, gloves and other winter wear and going out onto the ice without a shelter to hide in.

An ice fishing shelter is a structure with several names that vary depending on the location. It is often called an ice shanty, ice shack, fish house, or just plain shack, bobhouse, or ice hut. They are dragged or trailered onto frozen lakes using vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATVs or trucks.

Ice houses can be either portable or permanent. Portable houses are usually made from heavy materials that are water tight and dark in color for absorbing sun light. The most common types of portable houses are more like a tent than a house with one flip up door and no bottom for the fishing hole. Permanent shelters are made from wood or metal and usually have wheels for easier transportation. They can also act as a basic bunk house with beds and a space heater while some have luxuries such as, satellite TV, bathrooms, stoves and full size beds. These types of shelters are more like a mobile home than an ice fishing hut.

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