Ice Fishing Sleds

An ice fishing sled is one of the most valuable tools that you are going to want to bring with you if you have a long hike to your ice fishing destination.
It is usually made of plastic or wood and is dragged behind you. It could also be pulled behind your ATV or your snowmobile if that is how you roll.
They can be easily made from wood, but you can also purchase one from most sporting goods stores for anywhere from $50 to $500. There are also many online stores that sell ice fishing sleds for very reasonable prices. One excellent brand of sled is otter. They make a very durable sled that might last you for your entire life.
If you are planning on building your own ice fishing sled then I suggest that you make it out of a light material such as wood or plastic. Aluminum is a good choice too, just make sure that the sled is strong enough to stand up to the rocks and hard ice that you are going to be dragging it over. You are also going to want to make it deep enough so your gear doesn’t fall out of the sides and big enough to handle all of your heavy equipment.

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