Ice Fishing Spear

The ice fishing spear is definitely the coolest piece of gear in your ice fishing arsenal.

This weapon in your personal war against fish is the meanest looking thing ever. It is an ancient tool that will provide you with all of the joys being a gladiator combined with ice fishing. The ice fishing spear is a simple tool that has been around since humans first started using tools. If you are more of an active angler and don’t want to sit and stare at a line for hours, then the spear is the right tool for you. Poseidon would be proud of you.

To use this device then you are going to need to cut a much larger hole in the ice because you are probably going to pull the fish out of the water sideways.

If you are doing catch and release fishing, then this may not be the right weapon for you. Also, don’t jab your foot, it sucks.

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