Ice Fishing Walleye

The walleye fish is a freshwater fish. Its scientific name is Sander vitreus and used to be called Stizostedion vitreum. It is native to most of Canada and the northern parts of the USA.

It is called “walleye” because of the look in its eyes, a menacing and mean look. Much like cats eyes, the eyes of the walleye reflect light and give it a very distinctive look.

Most walleyes are gold or olve coloured with the colour fading to white on its belly. The mouth of the walleye is large and armed with mean looking razor sharp teeth, so watch your fingers. Their dorsal and anal fins are spiny and probably another reason that the scientific name is Stizostedion, like stegodon.

Ice Fishing Walleye
Walleye grow to about 30 inches in length and can weight up to 20 lbs.

The wall eye is caught mostly during the night due to its nocturnal nature. It is considered excellent as food because of its taste and texture.

There are many regulations on fishing walleye because the fisheries managment wish to ensure that the supply of this fish is never depleted. Because of walleyes excellent night vision they tend to feed at dawn and dusk. Walleye fishers prefer to use live bait. Jigging is another excellent mthod for reeling them in. While jigging be sure to keep the lure close to the bottom of the lake because that is where walleye tend to spend most of their time.

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