Should I Go Ice Fishing?

“Should I go ice fishing?”
Yes. Of course you should. Why would you not want to go ice fishing?

“It’s too cold to go ice fishing.”
It’s cold is not a good enough excuse. Modern technology has blessed you with all sorts of thermal clothing to trap your body heat. You can even go ice fishing inside of a heated ice cabin if you want to. So suck it up and put on your thermal undies and get out there.

“The ice is too thin to go ice fishing.”
That is actually a very good excuse to not go ice fishing. You don’t want to fall in and get hypothermia. That can cause your fingers and toes to fall off. You could even lose other manly bits of yourself too. You are just going to have to wait for the ice to thicken before you go out.

“No one wants to go ice fishing with me.”
So. Grow a pear. Either learn to debate and convince them they are missing out or go by yourself. You could always lure them out onto the ice with bribes of beer and sausages.

“I don’t have the right equipment to go ice fishing.”
Are you serious? All you need is some line, hooks, and bait. Well, you are going to need a pointy stick or a sharp rock to get through the ice and some warm clothing, but other than that the supplies that you need to go ice fishing are absolutely minimal.

“What if I don’t have a good time while ice fishing?”
Then don’t go again and we will call than an excuse to not go anymore.

“Okay, but what if my wife says no to ice fishing?”
Just remind her that your life insurance policy is paid in full. I’m pretty sure she would let her whiny husband do anything that’s even slightly dangerous.

“Is ice fishing dangerous?”
No. Not unless you are drunk or stupid.

“But what about…?”

A River in Lynde Shores in Winter

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