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is ice fishing dangerous

Is Ice Fishing Dangerous?

Let’s be clear: ice fishing is nowhere near as dangerous as what you see on “Deadliest Catch”. There are risks, however, mainly related to the fact that you’re fishing on a breakable surface above freezing cold water. Let’s go over the dangers of ice fishing along with some safety tips.

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how to find fish ice fishing

How to Find Fish When Ice Fishing

Locating fish when ice fishing isn’t an easy task! But good news: there a numerous ways to improve your luck when you’re out on the ice. Here’s some tips for when you’re having difficulties catching your first fish!

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where to go ice fishing

Where to Go Ice Fishing

There are a ton of places to go ice fishing all over the world; especially in the United States! In this guide, we will cover some of the best frozen lakes and rivers to travel to for an amazing ice fishing experience.

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can you ice fish in Pennsylvania

Can you Ice Fish in Pennsylvania?

Are there ice fishing opportunities in Pennsylvania? We’re just going to spoil it for you: yes! In this article, learn about the best lakes and rivers for ice fishing, the types of fish that can be caught, and the best time to go ice fishing in the keystone state.

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